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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Welcome to the inaugural post on my newest Blog Live First Work Second. I have been pondering this concept now for a couple of years at least. It just seems that we all feel that work HAS to come first and then we can fit in life ...if we get the time.The problem is we rarely get to really focus on adding life to our lives because we just seem to get more work. And we delay or defer life again and again which can turn into years or even decades.

I am reminded of the old adage:

"No one on their death bed ever wishes they had spent more time at the office".

Yet, to be honest for some people working is very happily their life. I think in most cases this is because they have found their niche, their purpose in life and when we do that life takes on new meaning. When we know what we are doing adds value AND aligns with our own personal values then work no longer feels like feels like fun and we want life to be fun...even if we work.

Now that's not to say that these people don't have stress and don't have many of the same worries as others but somehow there is something liberating about knowing you are doing what you are supposed to do...with people you want to be around.

Attached is a link to a great essay by Ginger Makela Riker who talks about making a major life change and starting her own business. Clearly there is stress and there is worry. But there is also exhilaration and excitement...there is LIFE...and work. You can read her story by clicking here:

For those of you like me who have not completely jumped of the ledge into the waters of "freedom" yet, do not despair. There are plenty of people who work for others and yet live very happily outside their work...they live lives of purpose and meaning...just outside their work zones. In future posts I will explore these people too and how we all can find what we really are looking for...LIFE.


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